DONE!—-Wednesday, September 12, 2018

By 10:13 a.m. the air was dry, the ground was dry, and the bean pods dry.  So we began again.

Gradually the day wore on.  A cool morning warming into a very hot afternoon. Still, we worked on, stopping only for a very fast lunch.  Then back to the field we went.

The day flew by, the loads in the hopper emptied, the truck went here and there and back again.

Then there it was…the last long trip, up the very steep incline

Final destination—-The Beanery!

Since there was only one truck in front of us, Terry stayed to unload and bring the truck back home. Boomer and I came back, we didn’t need to stay and take Terry home—nor did we need to come back later and pick up the truck

We were done!  That word brings much contentment—as well as the action Itself does!


The 2018 pinto bean harvest is finished.  The feeling cannot be bought at any price in any market in the world!

Your friend on a western Colorado farm,



27 thoughts on “DONE!—-Wednesday, September 12, 2018

  1. Nice job ~ What a joy of satisfaction you both must feel! Now relax and enjoy those beautiful sunsets!
    And your Scarlet Runner beans performed nicely, too. Mine didn’t flower near as much as yours.


  2. Wow….congratulations Linda and Terry for a job very well done! So glad to hear that you got all your beans harvested. You are such hard working people. When I see you setting the water and all that I am just amazed at all that you go through to do what you so love to do. Too bad your area can’t get a little of the rain from the coming hurricane. Wishing you all the best!


  3. What an exquisite old GMC! No one keeps old reliable vehicles anymore. I still have my old 1970 Dodge that I got when I got my driver’s license. My Pa still has his old Model A pickup, and he is only the third owner! He does not use it anymore though.


  4. Congrats! A wonderful, wonderful feeling!! I so look forward to the same feeling in October and November when all the cotton is harvested. Also, don’t have to worry about the weather so much! You still have corn to harvest, right? Then you will be done for the season!



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