Back in the Day—-Sunday, September 23, 2018

Back in the day—

Terry grew up on a diary not far from us.  Lots and Lots of work a dairy requires, but one of the big things about dairies is the fact you have dairy cows to sell the milk so people can have ice cream, butter, cheese and MILK to drink!

Terry’s Dad, Jack Brown, (in time) sold milk to the Association (purchaser of milk) his grower number was 25.

Terry said his Dad wrote the number on the milk cans with red fingernail polish 🙂

Way later, after we were married and the dairy cows were sold, Terry’s Dad, Jack Brown, donated several milk cans to Meadow Gold Dairy, located here in Delta, Colorado.

Those milk cans have become part of Meadow Gold’s fun little delivery truck they take special places, we were lucky to get to see the truck, the Jack Brown cans with his name on them and Grower number 25 still polished on the cans with red fingernail polish this weekend.

It was a very special treat for us (Terry especially) to see the cans and to tell the story of Grower Number 25 and his Dad, Jack Brown.  (He also mentioned he and his brother, Roger, milked cows as they were growing up… :), just say’n.)

Your friend on a western Colorado farm,



16 thoughts on “Back in the Day—-Sunday, September 23, 2018

  1. How sweet!
    Many of the kids I grew up with grow ‘Moorpark’ and ‘Blenheim’ apricots in their gardens, but most of us give the fruit away. We ate so much as kids that we dislike it now.


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