Our Earth is Very Old—-Monday, December 17, 2018


Our earth is very old, but to me, it doesn’t seem so.  There are so many, many things of wonder I stand in awe every day.

For one thing…the Red-Winged Blackbirds didn’t leave this year.  Why I don’t know. But their joyful songs make every day of winter a miracle unfolding.

Even the wind touching on the land, in the bare trees, and blowing cold upon our faces is a remembrance of how old and marvelous this ancient earth really is

The feel of the wind is a reminder of all the places the wind has been…all we have to do is listen

And within the wind, if you stop and ‘feel’ (don’t concentrate.)

You can hear the Angels breathing

From my world to your heart,



16 thoughts on “Our Earth is Very Old—-Monday, December 17, 2018

  1. A dusting of snow, like confectioners sugar. Same here. It is a strange year for birds…saw some crows that always have left in years past. No doves this year, guess you have them. Saw our first grey squirrel in 25 years living here. Your words and insight have made me pay more attention to the world around me. Thank you.


  2. Pretty snazzy bird shots, Linda.
    Makes you wonder are the birds posing for you???

    Unfortunately here due to some fool way back in 1912, we
    have a Indian Mynah murderous bird takeover and rather than
    your camera, you’d be better off with a scatter type shot gun.
    All little native birds have been killed off by various methods of
    killing – nests, eggs, chicks and the parent birds.
    Makes my blood boil.

    Cheers to lucky you


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