Spirit is All —- Monday, January 7, 2019

For I believe everything….and I do mean everything has a life and a soul and a purpose here on earth

And each and everything has a relationship with us…

Even if we can’t see, feel, or understand the relationship.

So often the human population walks around completely deaf and blind to the complete world surrounding us.

But once we understand that our lives are more

And made up of greater or additional things besides brick and mortar, food and the eating of food, or drink and the entertainment of such

We start to understand that we are all connected to each and every living thing through the essence of ‘ourselves.’

Everything on this earth (and maybe our Universe) are right there at the edges of our dreams

Living complete and mysterious lives so beautiful and wonderful it boggles the mind.


Once you see and acknowledge the magic of our earth something inside you changes

And you start to receive little gifts…little insights

And promises of a return to that time of innocence

Called youth.

Very humbly from my heart to your world,


10 thoughts on “Spirit is All —- Monday, January 7, 2019

  1. You did a wonderful job of capturing them!!! Stunning in flight. You are so right on target and so many do not even have a glimmer of what that means. I hugged my lemon cypress today and whispered sweet words of encouragement as I pulled it out of it’s 2 year home and replanted it somewhere safer with more room. The wind blew it sideways last night. It had outgrown the space and I had put off the move. I hope it knows how much it’s loved. Plants have feelings too. But you know that better than most too.


  2. Beautiful birds in flight! You take great photos of them ~
    Agree, there is a connection to everything you just have to be open 🙂


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