The Adventures of Boomer on Friday— Blue Birds

Mom and I went out last night sorta kinda early.  Mom wanted to go before the snow came in, so out we went.

Just Mom and I.  Mom told Mindy she had to stay inside.

We saw a raccoon. That was all.

Then when we started to come back in it started snowing.

Mom built up the fire then we headed to our beds.

It’s still snowing today.

Mom says Spring is still coming because she saw TWO (2) different flocks of Rocky Mountain Bluebirds in the last three days—

first the Red-Winged Blackbirds and now the Rocky Mountain Bluebirds…YAY!

Mom danced a jig.  I just twirled around her while she danced…jigs are too hard on old dogs.  Just say’n. (Mom also told me that THIS YEAR she wants to get a photo of the Bluebirds…I hope she does.)

“And still the earth is cold and white,

And mead and forest yet are bare;

But there’s something in the light

That says the germ of life is there.”—Jane Goodwin Austin

Spring is coming Soon!



18 thoughts on “The Adventures of Boomer on Friday— Blue Birds

  1. Yeaaaa Boomer….I hope you’re right about Spring! We’re getting 18 more inches of snow tomorrow….Spring is going to be awfully wet when all this starts to melt! Well at least it’s almost March!!!!


  2. I loved seeing this…. thanks as my friend, Connie lives on the other side of those mountains I think in Westcliff and they got tons of snow …and we in Minnesota got feet of snow.. two feet on top of our old snow.. and it came fast with ice in between…… so your photos are wonderful…. and my favorite bird is the Red Wing.. there are none here in Southern Mn but they go up north to where I used to live.. gosh I love them singing.. Love to you all..thanks for this glory..Merri


  3. Charlee: “Ooh, a whole flock of blue birds. I wish we could see a whole flock of birds.”
    Chaplin: “Ehh I kind of like seeing one or two at a time.”
    Charlee: “How come?”
    Chaplin: “When there are too many I can’t figure out which one to stare at.”


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