In a World Without Chaos —- Thursday, February 21, 2019

Chaos is hard to live with…we all fear disorder, confusion, upheaval

Because we fear bedlam we work very hard to discipline ourselves so nothing unexpected occurs.

Of course, if there is order, discipline and ‘nothing to worry about’.

THERE IS NO MAGIC!!! Ever, for why would you need it!

But….back to the need to have order—- on Monday, I wrote about my mother, grandmother, and grandfather

From that post, I learned about Hobo signs…Chaucea left a comment telling me: “Yes! Hoboglyphs! (For instance, four horizontal lines means “Housewife feeds for chores.”)Its a truly fascinating history of hoboglyphs/hobo code, especially during the Great Depression”.

On my Facebook post-Teena Hubbard also left me a comment about the Hoboglyphs suggesting a web search on this most fascinating subject
and Mr. Cooper, of the lovely moon photos, sent me this chart!  Perfect to share with all of you.
So, even those men, living in chaos figured out how to have a wee bit of order and magic in their lives!
From my world to your heart!


20 thoughts on “In a World Without Chaos —- Thursday, February 21, 2019

  1. The hobo sign language or pictures are interesting and makes so much sense. There had to be a way to communicate, much like how shoes were laced back in WWI . Thanks for sharing ~


  2. Wow, I had never heard of these before. Homelessness is such a big issue here now, and I have allowed people to live on otherwise unusable properties because I would rather they live in a semi controlled situation than not. I knew it was illegal, but it was still the better option. I have been rather defiant to those who vilify the homeless and less fortunate, and I intend to continue that defiance. Glyphs such as these would make compelling motifs around my home, even if no one knows what they mean.


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