A Great Storm Blew In—-Thursday, April 11, 2019

Yesterday and Today are miserable days to be outside

Although, Terry and I had some work that HAD to be done…wind, rain, sleet or snow, no matter

The bitter wind blew off all the Apricot blossoms

Making the ground white

Even landing on a very disgruntled cat

Today is pretty much the same

I went out to look for rainbows, but the clouds were not the right kind.

Photo copied from Face Book

Still, we had nothing compared to the eastern slope!


They are calling it a Bomb Cyclone


So in loving memory of the Apricot blooms,

I will close for now,

Your friend on a western Colorado farm,



30 thoughts on “A Great Storm Blew In—-Thursday, April 11, 2019

  1. Aww, I was afraid you’d get the wind – your apricot tree was just gorgeous!!! The sun is out, barely, but still really windy. Spring in Colorado ~ ya just never know.


  2. We get fruit one year out of seven (if we’re lucky). Your apricot tree was glorious…so glad you took that picture. You got the storm we had last weekend. Lots of wind this year and more rain than I have ever seen. Your flower garden is looking really nice…we have absolutely nothing coming up yet.


  3. Ah, no! Poor apricot tree. Watching your extreme weather link made me think of us on cyclone watch… we’re almost at the end of it, another couple of weeks and we’ll be outside the historic weather window. Now for calmer, cooler, moderate weather. Thank the Lord.


  4. When I was a kid, the apricot blossoms from the vast orchards blew everywhere! There was not much traffic at the time, so the blossom parts stayed light and loose on the roadways. When a car went by, the petals swirled in the turbulence behind it, forming two tornado shaped swirls of petals right behind the left and right corners of the tailgate. It is impossible to believe that the region is within the urban sprawl of San Jose now, and that all those vast orchards are gone.


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