My Belief in This Wonderful World — Wednesday, April 17, 2019

As a young child, maybe around the age of 5, or 6, or 7, I don’t remember for sure now. I started having nightmares.

(My brother, Dan, my great-Uncle Henry… 1914-1980… Love Grandma’s youngest brother, and myself on Easter Morning.)

The nightmares were awful things, scary, frightening full of terror…more than monsters under the bed or in the closet, or coming up the basement stairs.

I couldn’t go outside at night for fear of the nighttime…it was a horrible time of dark magic for me.

Then Momma hit upon the idea of helping me reclaim the real magic of the world. She would put me to bed with stories of fairies and angels.

She talked about fairies who lived right there in the cherry orchard by our house, fluttering in fun little dances under flowers in her flower beds.

She told about Angels who lived in the sky, reaching out helping hands to grab our prayers as they flew by, then taking them to Heavenly Father so he could hear our prayers also, she described how the Angels made sure the stars were polished and sparkling each night and that the Angels would visit with the Man in the Moon.

Her stories were marvelous, vivid and just plain fun.

(My brother and I)

It took a little while….magic always does….but she gave back to me the safety and enchantment of our marvelous planet, the vastness of the heavens and the colors of the rainbow.

Of which I am eternally grateful!

P.S.  I went out and checked all the Apricot blooms again and it looks like the second flush of blooms is going to make into apricots!  WOW!  What a surprise!

From my world to your heart,



18 thoughts on “My Belief in This Wonderful World — Wednesday, April 17, 2019

  1. You obviously had a very smart mother. I’m glad she gave you the magic of our wonderful world. I’m also glad Mother Nature hasn’t given up on your tree for apricots for this year.


  2. So happy to hear about your apricots Linda….and especially your wonderful Mother!!! God blessed you with a good one!


  3. What a beautiful story. Your mother sound so imaginative, and I love the it about the angels polishing the stars. I make up stories about fairies also, for my grandchildren, and I too believe that this opens them up to wonder. Clearly it worked for you, and wonder is alive and well within you.


  4. Beautiful world our mother’s created for us ~ I think we had near matching dresses and hats! And those blossoms have perfect timing!


  5. I loved all the photos of you and your family. Those wonderful Easter dresses are always deeply embedded in our memories. How wonderful of your mother to find such a perfect way to stop the night terrors. My daughter had them too between 5 and 7. I wasn’t quite as creative but tried monster spray under her bed and in her closet. Nothing seemed to work. Sure wish I had known someone as wise as your mother to help me out. Thanks for sharing those wonderful memories.


    • It took a long time to get over the terrors, I had to TRAIN myself to ‘see’ the stories Momma told me as I went to sleep. But finally, finally they took hold and I could sleep. I still remember the stories and the vivid pictures in my mind.

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