In the Silence of the Air —- Sunday, May 5, 2019

Our air is full of the scent of the Lilacs

Rich and sweet and lush all at the same moment

All three of my bushes are in bloom fluttering gently in the soft spring breezes

How very blessed we are, for it’s been several years since we have had blooms

Thankfully not this year.

Another glorious gift from the sky arrived in my message box on FaceBook

A most beautiful double rainbow spanning Vadarae’s cotton fields in Texas.  A most delightful sight!  Glorious to behold!

Thank you, Vadarae!  A rainbow from you, now for all of us!

From my heart to your world,


21 thoughts on “In the Silence of the Air —- Sunday, May 5, 2019

  1. I would love to smell lilacs every day for the rest of my life! We had two bushes when i was growing up. One of my favorite childhood memories.


  2. Your lilacs are beautiful, and the photos are so good that I can almost smell them. One of my earliest memories is of lilacs along the driveway of our home in town before we moved to the farm while I was in first grade. Vadarae’s photo is gorgeous.


  3. Lilacs seem to be very popular with those from the Midwest. It seems that most of my clients from the Midwest liked them. However, most Californians did not know what they were. I used to grow the French hybrids because they were supposedly more tolerant of the mild winters; even though I know that the common lilac does very well here too.


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