In the Silence of the Air —- Sunday, May 5, 2019

Our air is full of the scent of the Lilacs

Rich and sweet and lush all at the same moment

All three of my bushes are in bloom fluttering gently in the soft spring breezes

How very blessed we are, for it’s been several years since we have had blooms

Thankfully not this year.

Another glorious gift from the sky arrived in my message box on FaceBook

A most beautiful double rainbow spanning Vadarae’s cotton fields in Texas.  A most delightful sight!  Glorious to behold!

Thank you, Vadarae!  A rainbow from you, now for all of us!

From my heart to your world,


Today the Sun Came Out —- Thursday, May 2, 2019


The dark curtain of rain and grey clouds left us over-night

Which is a very good thing.

For you see today, this day around early morning milking time, 75 years ago

My husband started life on his parent’s western Colorado Farm

And, as it was written in the stars, not only would he become a Hotline line foreman for DMEA, he would also continue farming through all the years, even unto today.

Happy 75th Birthday, Hubby-Bo.

From my heart to your world,




Talk to the Stars—-Wednesday, May 16, 2018

So do you talk to the stars?

Sometimes I do…they are so beautiful, so amazing, so glittering, so vast.

Sometimes I stand on the ditch bank…my arms flung wide and tell our farm…how beautiful it is.

Even after a long day of working in my yard, helping with the irrigation, cleaning the house, painting fences…when the pain in my arms and back almost blind me

I still feel the most profound gift of this amazing place where Terry and I live.

Sometimes the breathtaking life surrounding us –is like a spell… The bats flitting in the gathering gloom, the last of the Barn Swallows feeding on the mosquitoes, the stars just starting to appear in the darkening heavens, the soil thriving and growing plants, the plants forming from little seeds,

It all weaves a pattern, like a spell.

From my world to your heart,



Corn’s Up!


And the lilacs are blooming!


Plus everywhere I get to pick up plastic shopping bags!  Even in the lilac bushes!  The wind has been amazing this year, bringing with it dust, dirt, mud rain, and other people’s trash. 


As long as there is snow in the mountains surrounding us we will have wind, but once the visible snow is gone it stops.  We have had more wind than normal, so possibly there is more snow in ‘them thar hills’ than normal? 

Today it is around 81*, lovely.  No wind, just sun and blue, blue skies.  Ahhhh.