The Unspooling of a Wee Memory—-Thursday, June 20, 2019

Our grandmother, Mother to my Dad, was a very bright woman.  She only had an 8th-grade education but had taught herself to grow way beyond that limited formal training.

All the while my brother and I were growing up she was the Post Mistress of the Eckert, Colorado post office.  Having past the very exacting exam; not missing one question.

Our grandmother, Mother to my Momma, was much more fortunate getting to go to college and earning the right to be a teacher of education in the Elementry grades.

Our Mother graduated high school and married in June. For her high school was enough.

(My brother and myself)

What these three women believed in propelled my brother and myself to become enthralled and enamored with the written word and books.

Grandma Holder (Dad’s mother) would read to us from the newspaper. Yes, I know.  What child in their right mind would enjoy listening to news articles from a newspaper?

I know we would sit by her side, Dan on the left, me on the right and she would read to us; ending with the comic page.  Where she read each and every comic to us.

I’m sure we didn’t understand it all, and often times would fall asleep to the sound of her voice.  But truly she gave to us a gift untold.

Grandma Thomas, Mother’s Momma, would read to us little Golden books and other short stories, but what she truly did was TELL us stories. True stories from her childhood, made up stories with morals…like cleaning the house is fun…and imaginative stories about rabbits and other furry creatures.

As Grammy told the stories her voice would change and she would ‘become’ each character so we could ‘see’ in our minds what she was saying.

Momma would always read to us at bedtime.  Danny first, he was younger so went to bed sooner.  But not much sooner…just sooner enough for Momma to read the story.  Then it was my turn.

What an amazing gift they gave us…the spreading of our minds, the unspooling of distant lands and cultures, the ability to reclaim peace through stopping a moment with a good book in hand.

Some gifts are so precious we never really understand them until we actually make it through each day of our lives until we have a nice large space of time to look back and understand.

From my world to your heart,



24 thoughts on “The Unspooling of a Wee Memory—-Thursday, June 20, 2019

  1. We never had tv when I was a kid- not until I was 15- so reading was a huge part of our entertainment. We joined a Lending Library and each kid could order up to 6 books at a time which were sent by mail. I think we ordered every month. Of course, I read every horse book they had to offer!


  2. The art of reading to children or even telling them stories is probably the greatest gift any parent or grandparent can give. What wonderful memories you have. I read to my children and they loved learning and reading. Just because you don’t get a formal education doesn’t mean you aren’t still learning. I married the day after graduation from high school too. My bookshelves have become my university. We all learn in different ways as you can attest. Both grandmother’s offered something different but both beneficial. What a blessing.


  3. My parents and maternal grandmother (who lived with us) always read to me, from Little Golden Books to the National Georaphic every month, and plenty more too. In the process I ended up learning to read well long before I went to school and always read grade levels above whatever grade I was in. A most precious gift indeed.


  4. you’ve done (as usual) an excellent job of “wrapping it up” & tripping down me(s)mory lane. you may have noticed I try to remember whatever personal history occasionally @ “my site” ~


  5. Thank you for sharing this, I remember Aunt Frances and Uncle Charlie’s visits to us on their way to Arizona for the winter. It was nice to be connected to extended family since we did not have that with my mother, I just wished we had had more time.


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