Hemp—What I Know —- Sunday, October 13, 2019

Before the air came curling the breath before our faces—some of the big hemp fields were harvested.

The plants cut and then baled, they will be dried in an oven-like thing so mold cannot form.

It is my understanding that the plant is cut when the CBD oil is at it’s highest.

But what happens to the miles and acres of plants which were NOT harvested before the killing freezes appeared?

We heard that there is a possibility the plants can now be used for seed.

I hope so because there are more fields NOT harvested than were harvested.

A lot more.

Your friend on a western Colorado farm,




24 thoughts on “Hemp—What I Know —- Sunday, October 13, 2019

  1. Love all this so much .. you are amazing both of you ..and Boomer too . not getting posts but find you eventually poppin up think of you often and pray for you things here good , moving alone, will message you Love Merri


  2. Interesting crop with so many questions. What does it remove from or put back into the soil? Will they till the uncut under or plant a clover crop for winter? Time will tell. They/someone is building a huge hemp processing plant down in Pueblo or Pueblo West. Haven’t heard an update on the building or opening date, but I guess it will be 2020. Thanks for keeping us updated!


  3. I think you’re witnessing the beginnings of a whole new thing. Kind of exciting seeing it happen, I imagine, especially since you are not the ones taking the gamble.


  4. I wonder if the same strain of hemp as they use for oil can also be used for hemp fibre and rope-making. Something needs to be done about the millions of miles of plastic rope sloshing about in our oceans, and if the replacement was organic, that’d be a start.


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