Before the Black Clouds and the Freezing Temperatures, Wednesday, October 13, 2021

And just before Terry went into for his hernia operation

We winterized the corvette. ūüôā

Your friend on a western Colorado farm,


It Froze Early Monday Morning — Tuesday, October 13, 2020

It’s the third time we had a killing frost

From this point on the temperatures will keep sliding down, down, down

I won’t show you the broken and blacked stalks of once beautiful

And lushly green things

Only those objects, which make up the beauty of Autumn

Although, I feel like this is a time when the earth is taking a deep breath

Busily gathering all its energy unto itself


but obviously,

pulling everything inward

Singing to us

A beautiful, haunting good-bye


As the days go by.

From my world to your heart,






Hemp—What I Know —- Sunday, October 13, 2019

Before the air came curling the breath before our faces—some of the big hemp fields were harvested.

The plants cut and then baled, they will be dried in an oven-like thing so mold cannot form.

It is my understanding that the plant is cut when the CBD oil is at it’s highest.

But what happens to the miles and acres of plants which were NOT harvested before the killing freezes appeared?

We heard that there is a possibility the plants can now be used for seed.

I hope so because there are more fields NOT harvested than were harvested.

A lot more.

Your friend on a western Colorado farm,




Internet Troubles—Thursday, October 13, 2016

canal-002Our internet isn’t working today. ¬†I am hoping this gets posted, but one never knows.

canal-001The water in our canal is clear as the Blue Mesa Reservoir, of which it comes from. ¬†Very few farmers are irrigating now—although there are some…new seedings of alfalfa and winter wheat.

canal-003By November 1st the water will be stopped and stored in the Blue Mesa Reservoir until next spring. ¬†The canal will dry up…if our grandchildren were here, it would make a great play ground.

Today I’m taking advantage of our warm summer-like days and painting the chicken house. ¬†We got the pump winterized and the hose put away yesterday, and all the lines blown out. ¬†Today I finish getting my last gallon of paint on the hen house and the picket fences.

Terry is working on the corn combine…with the thought¬†corn harvest will start in a month!

I hope this makes it to you! ¬†I’m rather addicted to the internet. ¬†ūüôā

Your friend on a western Colorado farm,


An Amazing Gift—Tuesday, October 13, 2015


We were invited to the Grand Junction Air Show on Sunday…


thanks to our oldest daughter, Shannon,

Air-Show-3¬†and Shannon’s¬†friend, Marianna, and her husband..Lt. Harold Elam.


It was a most gracious and


luxurious gift.

Air-Show-6Watching the pilots fly their plans was like watching a

Air-Show-9a fluid and graceful

Air-Show-flagballet in the sky!

Terry and I felt very blessed to have the opportunity to attend.

Your friend,


A Step Back in Time-The Year 1919-Monday, October 13, 2014

Saturday Terry and I went to the Delta ¬†County Historical Society and Museum’s 50th Year Celebration. ¬†After touring the Museum, talking to new and old friends, we visited the antique booths and the Classic¬†Car Show. ¬† The last car we saw was the highlight of the whole Car Show for Terry and I–

FordGarrey Benis (now passed) found this still running and in very good condition in a barn at an estate sale in Nebraska.  He brought it home and he and his wife started going to car shows.


His wife still takes the car to local shows (she lives at Cory, Colorado) driving this darling car by herself all the way from there to here or where ever she is going.  She says she gets to going about 35-40 m.p.h.  (YAY, Mrs. BENIS!!!  You go, Girl!)

Although, she doesn’t do ALL the mechanic work on the car (her son helps) she does do all the driving.

3Just incase you might think that is nothing (why we all drive cars) ….look at this–THREE PEDALS and a Brake…that’s it! ¬†That’s all you get, folks! ¬†She explained how you do it, but I forget. ¬†Anyway…what a hoot! ¬†I just love her independence, lack of fear, and desire to share with those around her really neat car!

Your friend,



Sunday, October 13, 2013

We took a flying trip to Norfolk, Nebraska as Terry needed some combine parts and a bracket for the suitcase weights for one of the tractors.   Since we were both ready for a short trip off we went.

Our-green-desertThe desert between us and Grand Junction is extremely green. ( You can see Wild Horse Mesa in the background — it is the last green bowl shaped mesa just before the blue sharp lines of Grand Mesa)

We have had and are still having lots and lots of rain.  Very nice for making the world fresh and lovely.

BookclifsWe got to Grand Junction as morning was coming into full-light.  This is a very quick photo of the Book-cliffs which surround Grand Junction on one side.


Glenwood Canyon was beautiful waking up to a day of full-speed-ahead traffic.

TunnelDriving through the Johnson side of the Eisenhower tunnel.

We live 5 hours from Denver.  At this point we are about two hours away.  This a horrible mess come ski-season.  The traffic slows to a 30 m.p.h. or LESS crawl on Sunday afternoon as people try to come back from a weekend of skiing.

Taking the back roads and staying off the Inter State

Eastern-ColoradoThis CAN BE a bleak trip, but we enjoy the farms and ranches.

It was sugar beet harvest

Sugar-beets-1And soybean and

More-corncorn harvest.

All the way from Colorado to Norfolk.

We cheered and clapped and gave everyone two thumbs up for being able to get their crops in.


That night we stayed in Ogalla, Nebraska

Getting up early the next morning we we found lots of  salvage yards


along our route.

Just what we were looking for!

Continued tomorrow….

Your friend on a California Mesa Farm,