Entwined in my Heart — Monday, December 9, 2019

Another wee rainbow yesterday!  What a joy to behold!

A hawk sat in the branches of the old Willow tree

He looked a little worse for wear…probably the too wet of the night. (I’m guessing)

Because of the rain, the ground was just right for Terry to smooth out the road

In front of the sheds.  It’s funny how the long lane to the house and the roads around the sheds seem to get lumps and bumps.

Then in the quiet, while I hauled wood and gathered eggs

I saw an unusual bird, a Woodpecker possibly?  Does anyone know?

And I think, this is a hawk…what do you think?

My daily sphere of life, little treasures of the ordinary.

From my world to your heart,



33 thoughts on “Entwined in my Heart — Monday, December 9, 2019

  1. Beautiful pictures! It is a Northern Flicker, which is in the Woodpecker family. We get them occasionally here and I enjoy seeing them.



  2. Yep, a Flicker. We had them in the high desert of Oregon. The young ones would peck at the corbels of our house. All young things have to learn. They are also a large bird, with beautiful black crescent marking on chest. I saw one fight in the air with a starling one year over a nest…alas, the starling won.


  3. I’m with all the other posts, it is a flicker. It is one of my favorite birds. When I lived in Washington state I would just see one at a time. Now I am about 30 miles from Boise area and they come to my yard in groups up to 4 or more at times.I don’t often comment but I love your outlook on life and all your photos. Clouds and sunsets are my favorites.


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