Shoes or the Lack-There-Of—Monday, January 3, 2020

I try to wear something on my feet all the time,…although, I think shoes are so confining.

Outside walking is NOT the same as Inside walking—those days of just running outside in bare feet are over

Now (if the ground is not wet) I can struggle along with socks and flip flops

Slip-on shoes for the rest of the time

With socks.  Shoes without socks feel rather ‘not right’

But this is my preferred mode of travel on the farm…socks, and flip-flops 🙂 In the winter-time.

Of course, there are those moments, with the mud is just way too much for anything, but


Terry is always practical; his shoes appropriate to the ground.

But, if I am very careful, and walk-in old footprints…I can still go about in winter in my favorite mode of SHOE!!!

🙂 🙂 🙂
Your friend on a western Colorado farm,



14 thoughts on “Shoes or the Lack-There-Of—Monday, January 3, 2020

  1. I live in flipflops 90% of the time, but then, my climate’s more appropriate! I have them in a range of colours to suit my outfits 🙂 But I can’t imagine wearing them in the snow…. I have to be careful, my feet are partially numb from chemotherapy years ago, so I could easily injure myself without noticing.


  2. You sure have hardy feet – “thongs” ( aka US “Flip Flops”) in winter!
    Luckily my feet don’t have eyes – they would have popped out in amazement
    at your “built in heat producing tootsies”.


  3. I love my crocs and they work with socks…but they are so darn slippery when it gets real cold. Crocs or snow boots are it for me…I have a pair of Bearpaws that I love:) You just keep on wearing whatever you want!


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