A Sharp Shard of Nasty Cold Temperature—Wednesday, January 5, 2020

It’s terribly cold here.  5*F (-15 c)  when I work up this morning, with a feels like 1*F (-17*c) temp.

Although, we don’t have snow. Thankfully.  Cold and snow make me feel even Colder!

The grasping nasty cold has the little goats struggling.  Although, they have a very warm house, full of warm sawdust and lots of good food

Their ages are working against them.  When they came to live on the farm they were very elderly and in a rather poor condition.  They had spent all their lives in a tiny box of a pen only able to stand and move to the food box then move back to the end of the stall to sit down again…not enough to stretch and run and jump as goats love to do.

Our oldest daughter, whose goats they are, has worked with them —allowing them to have a very luxurious pen, with lots, and lots of runs to run in.  Very good food and lots of brushing and pets.

I take down apples and special goat treats daily, the two little goat brothers coming happily to be fed.

Still, this winter has been hard on them.  Causing their ancient bones to stiffen up; making movement very hard.  Right now in the dry, extremely hard cold, it seems worse.

Winter..I am a tad ready for you to fly away, and be gone.

Which reminds me…I saw two Western Meadowlarks two days ago.  And last week a flock of about 8 (eight) Mountain Bluebirds.  Hopeful signs of warmer days to come!

Your friend on a western Colorado farm,



27 thoughts on “A Sharp Shard of Nasty Cold Temperature—Wednesday, January 5, 2020

  1. Perhaps your wish that winter goes away may be granted (at least temporarily). We’re supposed to get a blast of cold weather here tomorrow. It’s been unseasonably warm here for several days. I can only imagine how happy the goat brothers are to see you coming with treats for them — even in cold weather.


  2. We have been weirdly warm here in NC. Now, we are under threat of flooding.

    Love the goats. There is a blogger in Ireland I follow that keeps goats, pigs, chickens & turkeys, plus cats & dogs. She has her hands full but, loves it.

    Stay warm, love.


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