Against the Dancing Shadows of Dim and Scary Thoughts —- Sunday, March 22, 2020

I went shopping today

My heavens…what a whirlwind of amazing hoarding is going on

It’s stunning, to say the least

And the worker bees say if you shop after lunch it is even worse

The empty shelves, I mean.  And the number of people who are there.

And the stress and panic and attitudes are over-the-top.

With hysteria and nasty words bursting out at employees and fellow shoppers

In all the years of living

I have never experienced anything like this

ALTHOUGH! There are lots of chips, beer, and pop, folks! 🙂

There are signs out…but I think they are too late.

I think this will pass, in time.

We just need to remain calm.

Don’t you.

Your friend on a western Colorado farm,




29 thoughts on “Against the Dancing Shadows of Dim and Scary Thoughts —- Sunday, March 22, 2020

  1. I’m sorry to see that the shelves in your stores look just like the shelves here in Tennessee. I’m hoping that the panic buying is about over and that stocks will return to normal soon. I’m confident we will all get through this, but there are going to be some stressful times ahead.


  2. Remaining calm is the name of the game and finding ways to make do like in the old days when there were no such conveniences. I have yards of cheap toweling I “was gonna” make bibs out of so now the become tissue, paper towels and maybe even toilet wipes that can all be washed and sterilized. I always stayed well stocked and went to my favorite German Deli yesterday where it was quieter than usual for a Saturday but business as usual. I did buy one extra package of sausage which I had planned on anyway. We have enough for the month now so we are cloistered for that long. My daughter Loves working from home. We get to walk together now, not just me alone each day. I wish I had room to grow a few vegetables. I might still try. Everything changes in a heartbeat. You take care of yourselves there.


  3. It’s the same here in central Massachusetts. Perhaps not surprising that people have not thought to provision for their dogs and cats though. Panic shopping for staples seems to be over, but yesterday I saw carts loaded to the top with sweets, candies, junk food, and soda. Amazing what people thing will be essential.


    • It is amazing. My daughter saw a couple fighting with each other, one day, because there weren’t any ….. on the shelf—she wanted it and he was trying to give her ideas of something else. Sigh.

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  4. I read there is plenty of TP and food. People panic, hoard, then buy guns and ammo. Craziness. Never thought I’d see this in the US. They say it could take 18 months to get a vaccine. No matter who is president, there will be a global recession. People should be hoarding kindness…oops, no matter how much love you give away there is more.


  5. I think ours are getting the same way, but our supermarkets have introduced limits and restrictions. You can’t buy more than one or two of the same thing, or the checkout till beeps and the cashier puts the extra(s) aside. It has slowed things down a bit… We still have fresh foods and bakery and dairy. I guess if people are stocking up on foods, they can always buy fresh, make meals and freeze them. It’s hard to know what you’ll need, given that we don’t know how long this disease is going to run and how bad any shortages will get, or remain afterwards. I foresee rationing ahead…


  6. I absolutely agree with you, Linda. Panic gets a person nowhere. We need to regain our cool heads and take it day by day. We have a small business and worry about keeping our employees working, especially if most businesses get closed down. it is indeed a scary time, but freaking out and hoarding won’t help much. Let’s just decide to get through each day as kindly and caring as we can. and that includes leaving some things in the store for others!


  7. If the MSM would shut up with the hysteria, themselves and report on happy things, instead of death tolls, the freakout might just subside. They keep pouring gasoline all over what was a just a small fire.


  8. So many people are not able to buy ahead because of income. Can’t grow food themselves. As you know. Everything is limited one to a customer here in Northern CA. Our stores are not getting deliveries. It is not all hoarding. Today there were no eggs! I asked why. They can’t get them!!! Does not make any sense. The chickens are still laying. There must be hundreds of dozen each day. What is up? They were not there to buy. Someone else got the order? Paid more? Lots of price gouging, too. On-line ordering. Wow! In-stock and was told no delivery until April 21st. It is there. And only offering you the choice of more than you need and want to buy. So know that many stores are not getting deliveries. I saw today someone who has a family of four, plus a grand-parent buy one gallon of milk. Am thankful for our digital world. Long-time follower of your blog and many others. Also our phone technology that lets us keep in touch with far flung friends and family. Keep safe. Thank you for raising corn and beans for all of us! Take care.


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