Not Just a Single Thing—Thursday, March 26, 2020


There are so many good things happening….the water in the canal is now on!

My purple crocus popped up from the ground!

The wind is cold but it blew away the heavy clouds of the morning

The whisper of God’s (Your God, My God, and Everyone’s God),  Love is strong and  streaming all around us

There is the  promise of a new season of farm products

The little creek at the end of the place is flowing—small like a whisper, but growing stronger every day, sorta like the wind at the end of March.

I wish I had a globed ball of crystal, where I could look and see clearly where all this scary pandemic is going to lead us.

I wish I could see through all the treacherous smoke of this pestilence, and know clearly how things are going to turn out

But I don’t. All I can do is send to each of you hope, love, and prayers.

Stay safe my friends.


From my world to your heart,



26 thoughts on “Not Just a Single Thing—Thursday, March 26, 2020

  1. Your wonderful photos and wise words lift my spirit Linda, thank you! I especially like the third, with the solitary tree and the big sky! You are in my thoughts also. ))hugs(( /Asta


  2. I too wish I had a crystal ball and see where this is all going to end. It is a cold spring this year. Maybe more damp then last. I don’t even remember but it seemed winter lasted forever last year. Glad you have your water flowing.


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