Gifts of Love — Sunday, June 17, 2020

What a whirlwind of worry, I have just been through.  Things are better (not completely over yet) but better.

I can see an improvement with the little beagle nose…the swelling is down

He is able to sniff with both nostrils now, and the snot is lessening.

Your prayers/the medicine–and Boomer’s desire to get well are all helping. He is still not well, but he IS better!  Thank you ever so much!

Then on that golden world we call the earth I found a rock heart

Walking along the next day on the ditch bank…I found another one!

Vadarae sent me a rainbow—a double rainbow filling the sky and her very large farm in Texas.

Just the perfect answers to my sadness and despair—Hope!

Hope— in all of these wonderful and buoyant messages!

You are the very best…each one of you for you do care, and have sent healing prayers to heaven for me and my wonderful little beagle!


From my heart to each of your hearts,



26 thoughts on “Gifts of Love — Sunday, June 17, 2020

  1. I could not sleep worrying about Boomie. It is 3am and had to learn the latest news. Oh, how wonderful that he is oh the mend already. With your good care and love he will be out and about soon. Prayers is a powerful force.


  2. OMGoodness, B. I totally missed that you were feeling poorly! I’ve just checked back to see what’s up. Mom and I said a double dose of get-well prayers for your gorgeous beagle nose to feel better soon. Hang in there, little buddy. You’ll be back to your sniffing/guarding duties soon!

    Love and licks,


  3. Oh yea ~ glad you are doing better Boomer! Love, prayers & a little “stuff” always helps. Hang around the house, slwep in the sun, and use those big, brown eyes for more….. Cookies!


  4. Continuing to pray for Boomer. Praying that all will be well and soon. Praying Boomer continues to climb out of this rough spot he’s in!


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