The Power of Believing —- Monday, May 18, 2020

Through the power of collective prayer, the antibiotics and gifts of hope,

We are starting to see huge improvements with Boomer and his nose

Once more, from this marvelous world of Blog Friends where love, Friendship, and real Hope lives my email opened up to a delightful gift.

Asta sent me a rainbow from Sweden.

Dear Linda, here is a rainbow for you! It was the early evening after a day with rain and humidity. Suddenly the evening sun broke through and was shining on the lakeshore opposite us. And there it was- a perfect end of the rainbow mirroring itself on the water 😊

If you want to publish it is ok-it is your rainbow!
All the best to you, Terry, Boomer, and Mindy!

Boomer and I, Terry and Mindy are truly blessed by wonderful friends like you!

From my heart to your world,


12 thoughts on “The Power of Believing —- Monday, May 18, 2020

  1. Oh I am so glad. You all are such a positive part of our lives that we were really concerned. Boomie is a baby and Mindy is a sweatheart. I don’t have words for how you all improve our lives, especially in these times. Lots more prayers, hugs, love, TLC, etc.,. are coming your way.

    Katie and her fur baby J


    • No, they are not sure what is really wrong…the worst case is a tumor in his nose (o, please, please, please not that), a weed seed or a nose fungus. They started treating for a nose fungus…he is doing better, not well, but much better.


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