In the Gnashing Wind and Freezing Air— Thursday, June 11, 2020

It’s been miserable here for the last few days

Monday night was THE WORST. Threatening clouds all around us.

The incredibly hot, dry wind, turned into the incredibly cold nasty wind;  wind so hard it slammed into us

The bully wind making it next to impossible to stand on the ditch banks, let alone set flapping dams into the ditches.

The sunlight, meager at best (as you can see —sun obscured by dark threatening clouds)

Then the cold came in…close to freezing Monday night and the threat of colder weather to come.

(The high country got snow…as in Ouray, Grand Mesa…those areas.)

What odd, strange, unusual weather for June.

Your friend on a western Colorado farm,


26 thoughts on “In the Gnashing Wind and Freezing Air— Thursday, June 11, 2020

  1. Sorry for the misery this brings your way. It has been a crazy spring for sure, Hope your weather normalizes and soon. We are getting strong rains today, okay I guess, and the boss doesn’t have any hay down. I sure hope it doesn’t get stuck in rain mode though. We’ve had enough of that in recent years. Stay strong.


  2. Weird weather makes it hard to go out & do much. Terry perched percariously over the ditch is scary! Starting Sunday here – 70mph winds, snow and 29° by Tuesday morning. Mother Nature is making it challenging to farm and garden this year!
    Enjoy the sunshine today!


  3. So sorry to hear about your terrible cold weather and winds. This whole year has been odd, strange and unusual so far. Hope we can all survive it! Hope things get better soon for you guys.


  4. yeah, i had to double-check yer dates, as yesterday (6/11) i had a pleasant (tho’, of course, tiring) bike ride to the pavement-end of Land’s End Road. however, i was out of town Thursday/Friday (dog-sitting for our son up in Steamboat!) and “betty” calls — Friday night saying that there were wind gusts up to 65 mph, felling a large old dead cottonwood in our front yard. i presume “your weather” is pretty similar to “ours” (e.g., the cold Monday — we considered a fire in our fireplace) — so you must-a had a bunch of wind Fri nite (and, alas, the wind didn’t really go away ’til yesterday, it seems) — we spent most of Sunday “cleaning up” the downed-tree-mess. unfortunately, my chainsaw started up right away and i was, as you’d imagine, “committed.”
    my plan for today is to try to do NUTHIN’. well, maybe i’ll clean the truck …


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