I Sometimes Wonder — Tuesday, June 30, 2020

It’s been hot here of late, hot with a hot wind; a hot continuous wind

But that is not what I have been wondering about

I’ve been wondering about our world,

And for sure the crazy, frenzied, over-the-top actions going on in our nation

The anger, the destruction, the need to —- ?

Makes me think we are repeating a very old theme in history—

(This is the moon 🙂 )

That theme of gain and cost.  The desire to broaden command over valuable resources

at which (at the very same time) those same resources we are all absolutely reliant on as essentials.

I hope we have (not) now entered a time of unstoppable cultural fracturing.

I often think of Liebig’s law, of the ‘law of the minimum” 

Which is deceptively simple: our limits are set, not by the maximum of necessary things, but by the minimum which is available.

Just a short trip the grocery store points that out to me in glaring shards of light

It’s thought-provoking

While I ponder this in an off and on manner.  Saturday evening we had rain

No matter how tight vital supplies are, how hard they are to get, how expensive they are to purchase — and how angry and over-the-top destructive things become—-there is always hope!

From my heart to your world,


P.S.  Please don’t write to me scathing comments about how wrong I am and I need to get my head out of the sand, or other mean things. Ugly never produces positive feelings. Therefore, I won’t approve your comment for I do like to live my life in hope.

Hugs to each and every one of you!



25 thoughts on “I Sometimes Wonder — Tuesday, June 30, 2020

  1. Dear Linda, yes there is anger, hate and despair in our world.But there is also love, hope and togetherness. Let us hope and focus on that❤️ Hugs!


  2. You are definitely not the only one who wonders about where we are headed as a nation and as a world. I can’t help but think we would be much better off is more people just looked up at the sky more often. There really is hope in this world.


  3. What a beautiful, calming, comforting, helpful, and uplifting blog this morning. I look forward to your thoughts and pictures everyday. They are a comfort and reminder that we can help one another. Maybe you do have your head in the sand–may I join you!. Love, hugs, prayers and THANKS for all your help.



  4. Well said! GORGEOUS PIX. My fave is the stuttering Moon. LOL! That’s awesome.

    I can’t imagine someone coming here and being nasty to you in comments.

    Regarding Liebig’s Law, I know the scarcest resource…COMMON SENSE.


    • I moved the camera to see if I could get a neat photo and it turned out EXCITING!!!
      Common sense…yes.
      Oh! Yes, I do get them, and sometimes I’m shocked…like being chewed out for farming in the spring time because it makes dust that someone else has to dust off their furniture. And that person didn’t even live here but lives in Oklahoma…go figure.


  5. Hello dear Linda I can’t imagine why people would leave you scathing remarks. Shame on them. It never ceases to surprise me how vocal and unpleasant people can be! Your photos are super .. I love the one of the house with the tree framing the image! Divine 🙂


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