Spring in the Heat of August —- Sunday, August 9, 2020

The heat has abated…leaving the morning with a feel of Autumn [or is it Spring?] in the air

Terry has finished planting the last field on our place to alfalfa

The soil has that wonderful smell of thirsty ground getting wet for the first time this year

A clean smell, a smell, like a sigh of relief

Friday morning  we saw tiny little sprouts along the furrows we had finished watering

A very good industrious sign of new growth

The last set of the day

Water shimmering and glittering across the land as the earth heads into darkness.

The glimmer of the sun on the water (although only visible if you look for it)


Your friend on a western Colorado farm,




13 thoughts on “Spring in the Heat of August —- Sunday, August 9, 2020

  1. Great photos and words. I can really feel the cool air, smell the thirsty soil and feel the sunshine 🙂 The wonder of all things growing.


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