Gossamer Threads in the Rippling Air — Monday, August 10, 2020

The dappled light as we head out to change the water

The early morning sunlight casting purple shadows on the land

Reflections speaking loudly of our daily work on the land

T’Ata coming to help

While Glory stands sentinel on the Rocky Point

The day, always generous with gifts

Hidden just so

But still there, whispering, for us to see–


Please, there are gossamer threads of beauty everywhere.

From my heart to you, My Friends,


20 thoughts on “Gossamer Threads in the Rippling Air — Monday, August 10, 2020

  1. Awesome shots, girl. The sunlit outline of Terry is grand. I love that one. Your horses are adorable. Are they big babies?

    You should write a book of prose. I’m not big on poetry but, yours has a flair that appeals to me.


    • I used to love poetry, but not so much anymore. I decided that what I really like about poetry is everyday there IS poetry all around me. Then I decided to give up painting (I was terrible) and use my camera to capture the poetry I could see with my eye, instead of trying to paint it.

      The horses are huge spoiled darlings. We love them and they love us.

      Thank you for the compliment…you take such outstanding shots your compliment is very appreciated.


      • You do a fine job with your photography and lovely words from the heart. It’s such a charm to read.

        Painting is one of those things that the beauty is strictly in the eye of the beholder. I’d love to paint like Rembrandt or Renoir but, the closest I got was paint-by-numbers then, later on, classes in the Bob Ross style…plus lots of art classes as a kid and a graphics class in high school. I was never happy with any work I did. We are our own worst critics.

        Heh. I get lucky with my stupidphone. I don’t even have a real camera.


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