For a Love of the Earth —- Tuesday, August 25, 2020

The huge fires continue to burn…filling the west with weird light, a light that seems to undulate

This is morning light… the light in the east…light from the rising sun…sometimes our very air smells like burning logs,

My mind feels like it can hear the crackling of the fires as it scurries hurriedly over tense land

Every morning the scene is the same the smoke sending an enveloping warning throughout the west

The thick layer never really fades

The sun setting in the west confirms that dark will soon rise up

I am so sorry to be so gloomy

The tangle of fires from way up there where the Redwood Forrests are burning

Clear across the and down through the western part of the United States

Some started by nature

Some so horribly started by humans.

My heart is sore.

My prayer is the God(s) yours, mine, and everyone’s please sends rain, cooler weather, and a return to normal.


From my world to your heart,



21 thoughts on “For a Love of the Earth —- Tuesday, August 25, 2020

  1. Never thought I would be happy to see winter with its cold and snow. We camped in beautiful Big Basin 50 years ago when the kids were little. Heartbreaking to know it is all gone. Hopefully your skies will continue to clear. Our valley is now filled with smoke. Stay safe.


  2. Praying for all of you who are so impacted by fires this year. It’s so awful. Tears comes to my eyes when I read your blog. Will keep praying Linda!


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