In the Crisp, Chilled Morning Air—-Tuesday, September, 29, 2020

As the mist left the land

Boomer and I took squirrel food and birdseed over to the equipment area

To feed the little critters

For life ‘on the land’ can be a tad harsh in the winter.

After spreading out the treats we (Boomer and I) waited. First, the little chipmunk to show up.

While the chipmunk ran home to deposit the great find.  Natures’ vacuum cleaner arrived!  🙂

Leaving nothing behind


I couldn’t put any more out for two reasons: I had not brought enough. And if I came out to scatter more— the birds wouldn’t come back.

Instead, I would get a repeat of the squirrel.  🙂

Darn it.

Your friend on a western Colorado farm,


14 thoughts on “In the Crisp, Chilled Morning Air—-Tuesday, September, 29, 2020

  1. Lulu: “We’ve got none of that crisp air here ― we are still getting roasted like it’s August or something. I wouldn’t mind having some of that snow to roll in right about now!”
    Charlee: “What are you talking about? I saw you out on the patio lying in the sun.”
    Lulu: “Well sure. That’s how you do it. First you get baked by the sun, then you roll around in the snow to cool off, then you do it all over again.”


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