As the Sun Sparkled on the Farm —- October 21, 2020

While Terry did all the things he needs to do

To get the corn harvested.

I headed out to put the farm to bed.

The day was just lovely.

There was a nice breeze

Cooling me as I worked.

One ditch finished.

A few more to go.

Your friend on a western Colorado farm,



10 thoughts on “As the Sun Sparkled on the Farm —- October 21, 2020

  1. Have a wonderful day! So glad the harvest is underway. I need to put this place to bed too. They are forecasting a cool down w/ snow… here we go.


  2. Charlee: “Is that a tumbleweed? That’s a tumbleweed, isn’t it?”
    Chaplin: “Dennis liked to tell us how when Mama and Dada moved into this house there were some spiny plants on the hill with little white flowers. They thought the flowers were pretty so they left the plants alone. Imagine their surprise when the plants dried up and broke loose and started rolling around the yard in the wind …”


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