A Wee Post about Black Canyon Animal Sanctuary — Wednesday, November 4, 2020

I thought I might tell you a wee little bit about the Black Canyon Animal Sanctuary.  (If anyone is curious)

Debbie and David Faulkner have been involved in dog and cat rescue for over 30 years.  A quick web search will tell you that Deb had to close the rescue due to her husband developing Alzheimer’s.

The Fence Post Magazine did a wonderful article on her here

Although she is not taking in more strays—she is still helping find homes for furry friends (and still takes a dog or two—now and then. 🙂 )

She has a delightful program, she started to help senior dog/ and senior people

She calls it the Silver Whiskers Progam.

She told me it was a very expensive program to run, here I will quote her:  “It’s a very expensive program because we do a complete medical workup on each senior dog.”

“It really is an amazing program for our clients. One client walked with a walker. After 6 months she was walking the dog without one. Makes a big difference in their health and well-being to have a companion pet.”

Please take a few minutes out of your time to read about the patients, both dog, and human.  It will make your heart sing.

For those of you who love wonderful warm fuzzy stories.  This is a perfect example of wonderful warm stories in action.

For those who would like to follow her on her FaceBook page go here:  The latest true adventure is about a vet, Johnathan,  and a dog named Joker.  It’s beautiful and wonderful and delightful and just perfect.

For those who donated in Boomer’s memory.  Thank you.

And Thank YOU, Deb!

From my heart to your heart,



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