A Mindy Adventure Story—Life Goes On, Friday, November, 27, 2020 Chapter Four

Chapter Four

Every day is just another day.

I patrol the farm constantly.

Working hard to keep Mom and Dad safe.

And those hens.

They are such silly girls; it is really hard to keep them safe.

I’ve tried.

Boomer always checked out the hen house and made sure the hens were safe so I tried to do the same thing also.

Let me tell you, it is just too hard.

I don’t think they have a brain in their heads.

So, I only go to the hen house now when they are NOT IN the hen house.

That way I can keep the hen house SAFE!

Yes, SAFE!  You know there are MICE who like to live in the hen house and eat chicken food.

I make sure the mice become MY Food!


If Dad is outside I always,

I mean always,

Go to Dad and get Kitty pets and Kitty Rubs and Kitty Pick Up and Carries.

Sure, is nice.

After a while I make Dad let me down and I head off doing Mouse patrol.

Well, it was any day just like any other day….oh, not really, it was more any evening like any evening


Suddenly two grey ghosts flew right past me; landing in the very Ancient Willow Tree.

I flung myself to the ground when they flew past.



OWLS! EAT! CATS!!!  I started to bolt away when one of the owls silently lifted out of the tree and headed in my direction.

I ran as fast as I could to the, now empty canal, dove under the grass hanging over the side of the now-empty canal just in the nick of time, as I felt the swoosh of feathers passing over me.





25 thoughts on “A Mindy Adventure Story—Life Goes On, Friday, November, 27, 2020 Chapter Four

  1. Whoa, M. That was a close call for sure. As far as keeping the hens safe, they do have really tiny heads and I’m pretty sure just as tiny brains, so they need someone like you around to think things through for them. Good job. Being a farm cat is important work.

    Love and licks,


  2. It’s Ruth! Boomer’s news gathering friend in the sky. But, just in case Ruth has a friend that isn’t quite so friendly… I’d stay hidden.


  3. Oh, Mindy! Please be careful. *shudder* My mommy keeps me inside most of the time and, when I’m out, she’s always right there. I’ve never seen an owl before and the pictures are most disturbing. Be stealth with your mouse hunts and stay close to home.


  4. Oh Mindy, you are such a tiger, patrolling the farm and keeping it safe! But beware of owls and coyotes! Your mom and dad want you to stay safe.


  5. Charlee: “That’s a little too close of a call, Mindy!”
    Chaplin: “Yes it is! I sure am glad we don’t have owls around here!”
    Lulu: “We totally have owls here. We have Great Horned Owls. I have heard them and seen them in the trees around the canyon.”
    (momentary silence)
    Chaplin: “I sure am glad we don’t have owls inside the house!”


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