A Mindy Adventure Story—Life Goes On, Friday, December 4, 2020

Chapter Five

I am terrified of owls. Terrified!  I don’t like hawks, I don’t like crows, or ravens, and the over-head fan in the house, when it comes on


Mom wonders if it is because I was attacked one — by an owl.

See my lip?

I wasn’t born this way.  It is NOT a natural hair lip.  Mom even asked the vet and she agreed that I have a huge hurt on my lip.  And I wasn’t born with it.

I would tell them if I could, but of course, the people can’t understand cat.

Mom doesn’t know when it happened, or how old I was when it happened because by the time I decided to live with Mom and Dad I was between 4-5 years old and the hurt had long healed.

But I can tell you…. I was a young cat.  Merrily going about my everyday life in the wilds, when I was almost snatched up by and Owl; dinner I was supposed to be.

As for how my lip was torn, I can’t say.  The whole thing was terribly frightening and scary and it all hurt—-later, when I was back in my hidey-hole the pain was terrible.

I have scars on my back and on my tummy, which fit perfectly with claws.  Yes, they do!

They are faded now, but there are little ridges when the scars healed; a reminder of GETTING AWAY!

Mom says it must have happened just as I was leaving my hidey-hole. Mom and Dad have to let me stand and stare and stare and stare outside before I feel safe to go outside.

I look this and then that, then up and I try to peer under everything BEFORE I step one foot outside.

Mom and Dad are RIGHT!

I dash back inside the same way…very carefully!  Entrances are danger zones!

I went merrily out of my hidey-hole on my way to get a drink of water and maybe a mouse or two.

It was just starting to get grey outside, grey as in light, when very silently, very suddenly I was grabbed up, lifted high in the sky. I started screaming and clawing and wiggling with all my might.

I must have worked because I fell. Down, down, down (even today I don’t like being picked up and flung onto a shoulder).

I landed in the brush; in a world, I didn’t know. I hurt all over, my mouth was bleeding and the pain was unreal.

It took me a long time to drag myself into a safe spot.  Then it took me a long time to get to the place I could go get water.  After that, it took me an even longer time to get to the place where I could catch a mouse or two.

By the time I figured out the new area I lived in I figured out MOM and DAD lived close by.

Now you know why I am so afraid of OWLS.

So, I waited in the canal.  I could still hear that Owl…” Hey, cat!  Come on out.  I just want to know about Boomer.  I’m Ruth, I won’t hurt you.  Just tell me about Boomer.”

NO WAY! If I talk to the owl she will know where I am.


MOM!  Mom is outside.  I will with all my might for Mom to come over to the canal.

COME HERE, MOM!  COME HERE!  I don’t dare leave or make a sound because RUTH is in the old Willow tree.


I hear Mom’s footsteps getting closer.

Suddenly I see through the dry grass I’m hiding in,  the big grey owls rise up off the branches of the old Willow tree and silently fly into the sky toward the Upper End.

MOM! I bound out of the canal

and run toward Mom.

Mom reaches down and picks me up for a wonderful safe cuddle.

Oh, Mom.  I Love you. I purr.  You are a lifesaver.

Then I squirm forcing Mom to put me down.

I’m so happy I give myself a big roll in the dirt.

Off I go…I have things to do and

A MOUSE to eat!






29 thoughts on “A Mindy Adventure Story—Life Goes On, Friday, December 4, 2020

  1. Oh Min Min… how terrifying it must have neen! It’s good to be cautious now and I don’t blame you. We understand totally. I’ve told your story to my two kitties, so they stay inside.


  2. Thanks for that Mindy account, no doubt she was going to be an owl snack. Meanwhile, watching from a safe place in the tall grass, Grandpa mouse shakes his head sadly and sees the end of his varmint-kin who wasn’t wary of the giant feline’s ways. Sigh.
    Thanks for this post. Always good. JJ


  3. You are a brave cat and a true survivor Mindy! I am so glad you have found your forever home and safe haven at the farm. It is good that you keep taking care of Mom and Dad but remember always to stay safe.


  4. Oh, Mindy, how scary for a little kitty to be hurt and in pain with no mom or dad to care for you. So glad you found your forever mom and have a save place with love for you. Stay close to mom or dad when you are outside, at least within earshot so they can hear you cry for help if you get into trouble from the owl or hawks. Please listen to mom and come in the house at dusk.


  5. Charlee: “That must have been so scary Mindy, almost getting taken away by an owl!”
    Chaplin: “We sure are glad you escaped!”
    Lulu: “Dada always makes me wait before I go outside at night so he can see if the coast is clear. Do you think he’s looking for owls?”
    Charlee: “Uh, no. With you, he’s looking for skunks.”


  6. OH! I’m so sorry, Mindy! What an awful thing to live through. I’ve never seen an Owl and I hope I never do. I’m pretty big so, the Owl would have to be pretty big to come after me. Coyotes on the other hand…*shudder*


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