A Serendipity Moment —-Monday, May 23, 2022

My beautiful sister-in-law, Cloudy, and my brother (Dan) were driving through Durango, Colorado last winter when they came across a piece of property that spoke to Cloudy’s soul.

Dan agreed, It was the place of their dreams.

They invited us to come see— so into the San Juan Mountains we drove.

So off we went over the Million Dollar Highway

On to Red Mountain Pass

Then through Molas Pass

And Coal Bank

Until we arrived!

It’s a stunning piece of property

Their house overlooks several ponds, a large meadow


Many buildings

Including a greenhouse, which Cloudy loves.

Lots of Rainbow trout, they are raising

And Cloudy’s new pets—6 ducks

(This photo is taken at our house, their house is more artistic)

I am so happy for them

Serendipity—something we would all love to experience.

Just look what Serendipity did for Dan and Cloudy!

From my heart to your world,


25 thoughts on “A Serendipity Moment —-Monday, May 23, 2022

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  2. What a beautiful piece of property. Looks like the kind of place I always dreamed of. I was born in Durango, and still have family in the area. Thanks for the photos, those mountain passes scared me when I was little when my Dad drove to Silverton on occasion for our “Sunday” drives. Every fall we would ride the train and my Dad would drive and meet us in Silverton and drive us home. I always enjoy reading of your farm life and what you do.


  3. What a beautiful area. I just love all the pictures. They are blessed indeed. How nice that you can go and visit them. You could consider it a retreat for you!


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