My Beloved Maternal Grandmother —- Thursday, May 23, 2019

My brother and I were most blessed to live ‘just up the orchard’ from our maternal grandparents, Bill and Ruth/ Granddad, and Grammy.

Our paternal grandmother just lived a mile up the road from us in the little village/town called Eckert.

But today, this is a story about my sweet, kind, gentle grandmother, Ruth Love (Wootton) Thomas.

She was a fantastic southern cook, loved to tell us stories, was a teacher of education to children in the First through Third grades and at one point the postmistress of their little town in New Mexico.

My brother and I could spend as much time as we wanted at their house, as long as we walked (we ran, just say’n) through the orchard and let Mom know we were going and then let Gram know when we were heading back home.

Life was simple then.

Over time, after Granddad passed on; Grammy’s mind deteriorated into a form of dementia, of which we never really learned the medical name.

It was hard and sad to see her become a totally different person than who she had been — she became suspicious, fanciful, full of anger and delusional.

One afternoon, when I was visiting with her, she told me that she had now become the Velveteen Rabbit. It was a very sad and poignant moment.  It broke my heart.  My heart broke even more when she reached over and patted me on the knee.

“No matter what,” she said with a sly little smile, “I am still real.”  I held her hand and agreed.

For some reason, she has been weighing heavy on my mind– these last few days.

I can see her as she was when I was a child, who she was when I had my children, and then what the horrible disease, which turned her into a whole other person, just before she died.

Then last night I dreamed I was her the day she stepped out the shell of her body and went to the other side.

I dreamed Granddad/ Will was there, waiting to give me (Grammy) a gentle tug on my hand to lift me up to him.

He made my heart sing, Will always made my heart sing.

I turned to Will…. “It’s been hard, Dear One,” I told him. “I had a highly functioning brain then the rug was pulled out from me.  The fall has been long and terrifying.”

“I know, My Sweet Thing, I know.” He smiled. “Here take my hand”, he offered.

So I did.

Ruth Love Wotton Thomas

June 1, 1902—March 22, 1999




We Have Not Cut the Alfalfa Yet —- Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Terry didn’t cut the alfalfa yesterday, because of a predicted 30% chance of rain.

Which, by the afternoon turned into 100% guarantee of that delightful special moisture from the heavens

As the sun started to sink and the clouds started to break up

The sun, low and dazzling shot blazing rays of glorious light

Filling the heavens with a double collection of sparkling, arched light,

in the low-lying mist left from the dissipating clouds.

A gift from the heavens…oh, how blessed we were.  Rain, no alfalfa down, and a double rainbow.


From my heart to your world,


After the Venom of the Snow—Wednesday, May 23, 2017

After the snow left, and the cold wind changed directions from north to south

In that thin time, just before the beloved dead starts walking the earth, and the earth turns sleeply inward,

The rain ceased

After the rain ceased and clouds parted…I SAW my FIRST RAINBOW!!!

From my world to your heart!,




Every Day’s Soft Glow—Tuesday, May 23, 2017

“I look back with gladness to the day when I found the path to the land of heart’s desire, and thank Fate ceaselessly with a loud voice that she did not permit the town to sap all the years away while the heart was turning to wind-voices and flower-faces and the hands of kindly earth.”–Marion DUdley Cran, 1913

We finally finished hauling the dirt up

from the settling pond

to the areas of ‘lack’ on the farm

The days are passing like a blink of an eye

Monday afternoon we started work on the roof.

It is still cold here…the wind racing through clouds and straight off a snowbank on the Uncompahgre Plateau



From my world to your heart! 💕   💕   💕



The Hollow Place in My Heart—-Monday, May 23, 2016


Sometimes I my heart breaks…I’m sorry.  But it does.  Today I’m having a hard time. Please forgive my short post.  Tomorrow I hope to be back to myself.  I want more than anything to get back into that place of joy that is the most basic of happiness.

I need to gather the pieces of myself again.  To snip off those offending, worrying thoughts.

Today-my-heart-is-sadI hate to even write this, but I promised myself I would always write the truth to you.  That my blog posts would be sincere, honest and full of candor. This blog would verify my approach to the world.

My connection to you real.

Break-through-sunSometimes I wish I could reach into the future and see the outcome of that which is worrying me…but the reality is:  I’m glad I can’t.

Your friend,