A Post all about Birds —Tuesday, May 24, 2022

Sometimes I wonder if birds are the physical stardust of the earth

Since the earth is magnetic

Attaching all of us to its magnetic current.

The birds live here with us

Scattering their pixie dust upon our beating hearts

Their voices are the music of the heavens

Their flight is a type of wonder for our eyes

Watching them is an extraordinary experience

we can quickly become hypnotized.

Exquisite, actually

Even the sudden flight of Mr. PH

Or the mad dash into the air by both—Mr. Ph and Mrs

Then there is the bounce and hop of the Red-Red Robin

Or the flight of a Quail—oh, my! 🙂


For our eyes

They are up and away

In a second.

A beautiful moment of joy/wonder/delight

Yes, I do believe

Birds are the Earth’s

Star Dust

The living breathing answer to happiness!

Your friend on a western Colorado farm,


19 thoughts on “A Post all about Birds —Tuesday, May 24, 2022

  1. The sure do bring many moments of happiness and smiles!
    You capture them so well! Beautiful!
    Glad your Orioles have returned… and a Western Tanger! So glad you shate them ~


  2. You have such beautiful and colourful birds!🐦 And you Robins are huuuuuge!! Ours are tiny but adorable little souls. There are a breeding pair in my garden who are so friendly and tame and appear every time I set foot outside😃Mostly with beakfuls of nesting material or to pull a big juicy worm out off the soil under the hedge😄 They are such big characters in little, tiny bodies!


  3. Charlee: “Oh yeah! Bird post!”
    Chaplin: “Hang on! We have to get some popcorn for this one!”
    Lulu: “If you two want to eat all the birds, what’s the popcorn for?”
    Charlee: “Well, we can’t ACTUALLY eat the birds, because they’re in the computer.”
    Chaplin: “Yeah come on Lulu, try to keep up.”


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