Seize the Day — Sunday, August 7, 2022

We loaded up the 730

And headed up the Montrose Fair Grounds

Where Terry pulled 70% of his tractors’ weight.

It was a very fun evening!

Carpe Diem—grab the opportunity while it is here!

Your friend on a Western Colorado farm,


16 thoughts on “Seize the Day — Sunday, August 7, 2022

  1. Java Bean: “Wow! Tractors are strong! Almost as strong as me!”
    Charlee: “What do you mean, almost as strong as you?”
    Java Bean: “Well when I play tug with Lulu I can drag her across the floor with my tugging, and she weighs MORE than me. So see? I can pull more than 70% of my weight!”
    Lulu: “You had better not be calling me fat.”
    Chaplin: “No no, Lulu, you’re not fat. You’re fluffy.”


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