That Divine Spark of God(s) — Tuesday, December 27, 2022

“What greater vision could be given humankind than for God to say to us, ‘You are my beloveds. Build with me, create with me.'”—David Spangler, Findhorn Gardens

(Just before the sun gets up–[this] morning)

We are blessed with that divine spark of God–or the Universe–or the Powers Above

(the sun waking up [this] morning)

That we are allowed to see each and every day

(Right now in the corrals)

This is my belief.  You don’t have to believe as I do.  I respect your right.

But for me.

(Hot summer morning)

I believe in the gift of life.

(a summer ray of sun)

A brand new day

(winter sun on frozen snow)

Each and every time I wake up

(September Morn)

And see the joy of the sunrise!

(end of the day in the summer)

Have a lovely, wonderful, magical day, My Friends,

From my world to your heart,




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