That Divine Spark of God(s) — Tuesday, December 27, 2022

“What greater vision could be given humankind than for God to say to us, ‘You are my beloveds. Build with me, create with me.'”—David Spangler, Findhorn Gardens

(Just before the sun gets up–[this] morning)

We are blessed with that divine spark of God–or the Universe–or the Powers Above

(the sun waking up [this] morning)

That we are allowed to see each and every day

(Right now in the corrals)

This is my belief.  You don’t have to believe as I do.  I respect your right.

But for me.

(Hot summer morning)

I believe in the gift of life.

(a summer ray of sun)

A brand new day

(winter sun on frozen snow)

Each and every time I wake up

(September Morn)

And see the joy of the sunrise!

(end of the day in the summer)

Have a lovely, wonderful, magical day, My Friends,

From my world to your heart,




The Sun, the Rain, and a Healing — I Hope — Tuesday, May 19, 2020

I must admit, that I have had fear for Boomer’s life riding in waves through my heart

I KNOW he is elderly and the time is growing short, but…

Still…then after beseeching the heavens and My God and Your God and the God of all this world,

I knew I could move forward, because of the medication, Boomer’s will to live, and the fact I asked for the power of collective prayer—peace filled my heart.

Opening my email, another glorious rainbow, from the Black Forest in Colorado…shouted—


Thank you, each and every one!




The Sun, That Sky—Makes Me Sing Hallelujah — Tuesday, July 2, 2019

The sky has been just wonderful the last few days

The colors swirling and dancing as the sun rises and sets

Storms building up on a daily basis

Bringing thunder, lightning, and raindrops

Then the wind shifts the clouds moving them into swirls of patterns

So the light breaks through them and seems to actually shimmer

Sometimes cooling us down to a feeling like Fall is soon to happen.

Still the sky, the sun, the moon, the wind

All murmur in huge [brilliant] voices

Come outside and be with me

Let me fill your mind, and soul and all the shades of your heart

For the Time is swiftly passing.

From my heart to your world,



A Week of Gifts—Sunday, January 17, 2016

Sun-1Driving home from the elevator the other morning I noticed the clouds were starting to thin…

Sun-3giving to me (and anyone who wanted to look) a view of a sky–a sky so vast it makes one dizzy to look up….then I saw it—

Sun-2A true look at the sun!  A perfect gift from the heavens!

At first I thought I was seeing the moon. Once home I looked up the moon phases on the calendar and I realized we were in a sliver of a moon phase so this truly was the sun!

What an amazing and joyful site…to actually see the sun without blinding myself!

Your friend,




The First Day of March–Sunday, March 1, 2015

sun.jpgWe’ve finally made it to the first day of March.  That, in and of itself, is a true joy for me.

This has been the sun for two weeks or more.  Sometimes the clouds part; showing little patches of blue.  Blue sky, it sparks such hope.

Geese-2We have a pair of Canada Geese living with the cows in the corn field.  I love having them here.  I mentally send them peace and safety…they must have decided to stay for a spell before heading up north.

I have also seen flocks of Western Meadowlarks (YAY, they are Back!) And huge flocks of blackbirds, some smaller flocks of red-winged black birds, but I have not seen any blue birds yet.  Soon I hope.

Number-8My favorite cow is here again this year.  She is dressed to the nines in stylish back and white…see her white tail.  🙂  It always makes me smile when I see her.  She is getting older, so I wonder if she will be back next year.  Only time will tell.

March 1st….what a nice date to see on the calendar…in 31 days we will be at April.  WHOO HOOO!

Your friend,