A Week Ago Last Tuesday —Tuesday, January, 24, 2023

The rains started…then the air became very cold and full of malice, after which

Gradually the snow drifted languidly down, leaving clean white everything.

Until the firebox needed me.

Then there were tracks of fur kids and myself in the snow.

Your friend still caught in the shrewd grip of January.


Joy in the Small Things–Christmas Eve, Wednesday, December, 24, 2014

GiftThe elevator called and asked if Terry wanted to bring in all the rest of his corn…they were a tad short and could use it—the catch was it has to be there before December 31st.

“You bet’ya! And Thank YOU!”  Terry replied and headed out the door.

We loaded up the truck in a bright (YAY FOR SUNSHINE) brittle cold, with a freezing wind straight off the snowbanks.

But who is complaining?  This year’s crop all sold THIS year!

Thank you for your concern for Rick and his sister’s.  It will be a hard Christmas this year for them.  Yet, also a blessing—no longer is Rick in any pain.  The funeral will be Monday.

Everything always works out for the best, my Momma used to say.  And you know what? I do believe she is right!

Merry Christmas my friends!