A Spring Bright Windy Day — Thursday, May 26, 2022

“Good Morning, Girls”, Mom said. “Ready to outside and have some fun?”

“Hush your worry, Skitter Bug” Fluffy clucked as they headed out of the hen house.

“If you keep thinking of things that are going to get you, you will never get to see the world.”

“Look Skitter Mom has scattered Yummy treats right here!”

“WOW! Even bugs! Fluffy!!  BUGS!”


“No, Skitter, come this way…more bugs, more places to scratch”

“I’ll stand watch, you’ll be safe.”

“This is different, sorta hard, butttttt YUM a cricket!!”


“This wind is something else—ruffled butt feathers!”

“Just turn sideways…your feathers will stay down, Skitter.”

“OHHHHHHHHHHH, this is heaven.  SKITTER leave the hen house and come play!”

Your friend on a western Colorado farm