As Evening Fell—Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Storm-Leaving-1Last night as Terry and I were working on the last set of the irrigation last night.  The storm clouds were whipping around us, pushed by the wind—the air so cold it felt like January again.  Storm-Leaving-6

The night was starting to rise around us, bring with it a glaze of cold and a promise of more killing frost.


As we loaded up to head up to check the weed catchers and the head gate at the Upper End I notice a starburst of light shimmering over our farm


The light was stunning, the sunshine breaking through the western clouds shadowing the farm in a gold that seem enchanted even though already blue shadows were forming along the rises and furrows of the irrigation rows.


A rainbow!  A beautiful rainbow…I followed it from one field, to the next, to the next, clear to the Head Gate.


A rainbow saying anything is possible.  All is safe!


Heading home I felt a deep contentment with the company we call the sky!

Your friend on a western Colorado farm,