For some reason these Herons/Crane (I don’t know for sure which) have taken over our farm…I’m not complaining. But I would like to have both types land here.   It seems where the Herons/Cranes are the Geese don’t land, so somehow in the world of birds the word has gone out…No Geese Allowed.  We sometimes have hundreds and hundreds of these lovely birds.


The Season of Miracles

It is the season of Miracles, you know!  And one happened for us….we were able to go ahead and deliver the truck load of high moisture corn…we had to have it at the dairy this morning at 4:30 so it could be ground before the feed trucks rolled in.  Not a problem! 

Moisture is high still so we will wait, better waiting than to have another situtation…snow is due here this evening.

We sure have lots of cranes or blue herons this year.  I can’t really tell what they are, but I enjoy hearing them and watching them land in the corn fields at night.

They’ve sort of run the Canada geese off and taken over the sweet corn fields.  That being the way of things the geese flap on over to our corn fields.  Both groups are very talkative so for some time the evening air is full of bird chatter.

Then if you get up at night to check on things (ever since the large predator visits I go out to check on our animals) you can hear the birds moving around getting a little more comfortable.  I enjoy hearing them.

It might be after Christmas before these stalks are gone.  What a unusual  year this has been.  But it is working out.

See ya on Sunday!


A Walk to Our Mail Box


Along the way I saw….


Big birds eating corn in the corn field, are they cranes? Are they Blue Herons?  They kept moving away from me, I wonder why?





The sun shinning through the clouds on Eckert and Cedaredge -these are little towns at the base of Grand Mesa, the largest flat top mountain in America.





And a group of cattails which took up living quarters on the canal bank.

This is not a long walk, as some of you have, but it does give you an idea of where we live.  Thanks for visiting!