I Will Not Ask for More —- Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Yesterday was a odd sort of day for me —

Although, I had a very busy day.

Now today I am tired.

Tired enough I can’t seem to get myself moving.

So please forgive me the lateness of this post.  And my slowly dragging along.

The day has warmed up from a very chilly start and I must get busy.

The sun is shining, there isn’t a cloud in the sky, and the air is still.

It short it is beautiful

I really can’t ask for more.

Tomorrow I promise to be back to myself,

Your friend on a western Colorado farm,



I Have a Wee Story to Tell — Monday, January 15, 2018

I was out by the grain bins this morning coming back from a short walk-about, when I saw several geese land in the field I was walking by

I was delighted!

I have been hollering to the large skeins of geese, as they fly by, that they are always welcome here.

Now Romeo and Lady were coming on to the same corn field.   As I stayed there and watched Lady the Mule walked as fast as she could to the rustling flock–walked right into the flock scattering the geese.

The geese rose up in a little tiny flutter to get out of Lady’s way…then settled down in a flurry of feathers.

Up Lady came again scattering the geese so she could pass by.

I was a little afraid the geese would all rise up and fly away, but they didn’t. Just settled themselves over a small way and started pecking up loose corn.

Then that silly mule decided she has reached the perfect spot to take her morning DUST bath. Down she went…rolling this way and that way, so hard and fast the dust rose off the ground in puffs.

Romeo just looked at her twisting and rolling—-and walked right on by like a bath of that nature were not for him (today).

A short little pleasant story, to start the day.

Your friend on a western Colorado farm,




Something Strange This Way Came—-January 9, 2018

For several days we had thousands of Canada and Snow Geese landing in the field next to our house

They were ever so much fun to watch, listen to their calls and hear the rustling of their feathers as they searched the field for corn.  (We don’t own this field)

Then, either late Saturday night or early Sunday morning — all under cover of darkness

Stick figures appeared in the field.

Of course the geese didn’t land there—thinking these represented danger

Then during the night Sunday or under cover of darkness Monday morning the figures were gone.

We think it was some avid hunters trying to get the thousands of geese to fly to whatever field they were in so ….. well, you know the rest of THAT story.


(This is an old photo, but I loved the colors)

The geese are long gone…only flying over the field, not landing.

I stand outside and call to them as they pass over-head—“You can land on our farm.  You are most welcome here!”

But they fly on.

Your friend on a western Colorado farm,


The Other Side of Life—Wednesday, December 7, 2016


I think, sometimes, of what could be on the other side of life….

geese-002It must be ever more beautiful than here.  But the here and now is just so stunningly beautiful it’s hard to imagine.

geese-in-the-sunsetDark takes away all sense of perspective for those of us who live in the sunlight

It seems strangely quiet, although there are night sounds, we just don’t hear them in tones of ‘day ears’.  The night is full of thick shadows, but the day sky is full of clear light.  If we are lucky we can see the soft brilliance of the winging Canada geese.

a-surprise-color-in-winterJust before day fades and night rises up (or just before night is shattered by the rising sun) –there is a time I call —  ‘place where time stops’.  It happens for  just a moment or so, where everything is empty of thought, the soul is soothed–it just takes a second. It is in this spot of time I can I look into something that is a place of peace.   If death lies there, in that place, then I too, can say the other side is stunning.

From my world to your heart!


Pink Rain—-Thursday, October 22, 2015


Last week a little storm played over the Uncompahgre Plateau…(Un-come-pah-gray).

As I stood taking a photo of the sunset and the pink rain cloud — a wedge of returning geese passed over us…calling to all who could hear…”we have returned, winter in near.”

As always your friend,




The Adventures of Fuzzy and Boomer—Out for a Ride

Off-we-goWe went for a ride!

Boom and I love to go for rides!

Dad was needing a break and Mom said she needed a rest.

The little ones didn’t care, just as long as it was with all of us!


So off we went – the oldest grandchildren went to visit friends and the youngest wanted to go to Confluence Park and the merry-go-round park.


Boomer and I found the geese very thrilling.  We get geese out on the farm, but they always fly away when we show up.  These just walked around with one eye on us and one on the lake.  Mom said for us to be very careful as geese have a wicked pinch!!!

Young-once-more At the Merry-go-Round Park Dad decided he needed a rest so he took one while the littlest tyke wound herself up and up and up.


After supper the folks took the little ones to play Miniature Golf

WheeeeAnd eat ice Cream.



Boomer and I stayed home.  While the folks are away we get to do whatever we want…right now it is chasing raccoon’s out of the sweet corn patch!!

Hey….Boom….I smell a raccoon………………..ARF, Bark, Wooooo, horrrrrrrrrrooooooooooooooooooooooo

Thankfully I can still give chase…man I love chasing raccoons!

See ya,


A Tinge of Wonder — June 4, 2014





Bladen brought me over a gift.  He knows how much I enjoy ‘times gone by’.  Because he hasn’t been feeling well (he has been fighting pneumonia for three weeks (he is on medicine) and got bored. (No physical exertion with this mad disease).



He spend several hours, cutting, gluing and creating a castle for Grammy.

How sweet this is!blueMy yard is doing well…although we  have extremely hot days (94*-34ºC) the night are cool (49*–9.4ºC).  By the time the heat builds up the hot winds develop.

There is also flooding in the low lands.

Spring-deer  The Gunnison and the Uncompaghre River are experiencing record melt (translated that means we had lots of really nice snow in ‘them thar hilsl’.  🙂

Both rivers converge at Delta..our town.  Once they converge (the Uncompaghre River (Un-come-pah-gray  accent on the pah) merging into the Gunnison River).

The Gunnison River flows on down to Grand Junction, Colorado, where it meets up with the Colorado River, the Grand Old Dame of Rivers of the West.

The flood warnings and floods are all along all the rivers clear to the Colorado-Utah border.  Sure does help with drought…water that is.


 I haven’t seen in rainbows for some time now, when I saw this ‘sort’a’ rainbow in the sprinkler I decided that I have to take my gifts where I find them. 🙂

It’s the little things the buoys us up really.

What's-for-Dinner Like this…a duck  swimming with a bunch of goldfish.  I thought he might be looking for lunch, but the fish were not afraid; they swam all around his feet and even touched him several times.


Speaking of birds…we have several Canada Geese who have decided to stay with us this summer.  They have nests in our upper end and hang out in the fields.

From Elaine Kenny

But the coolest thing I saw was an emailed photo from a long time blog reader Elaine Kenny…Conversations on back porch!
Evening-2It really is all there…wonder, excitement, joy…in the little things…big happenings are also nice, but in reality it’s the collection of little things that really makes every day have a tinge of wonder.
Your Friend,


Sunday, February 24, 2013

We had another winter storm come in, complete with wind and drifting snow…I guess I really should expect it since IT IS FEBRUARY!


Some of the farmers, around here, started plowing…now they have a mess.  Plowed up ground is like a huge sponge, then when it drys out (finally) it is just as hard and brittle as a dried out sponge.


Water is still an issue, although the snow pack should have grew some with the last several storms —- the last we heard snow pack was 77% of normal.  Still a ways to go to normal, but much improved.

Usually the water is turned on the last week of March, but not this year — they will turn it on the third week in April and then at only 50% of your allotment.  Of course, you still pay for the 100% you are entitled too.  Our water bill is higher than our taxes, go figure.


As I am writing this the sun is starting to break through the clouds, always a good feeling.


I hope you enjoy your Sunday.


The Adventures of Fuzzy and Boomer on Friday — News

Since we had the fire and Dad sold the cows, Dad decided that he wanted to square up one of the fields.  So we all helped him.  First the fence had to come down, then the fence posts had to come out.  That was the part we helped him with.

Then Dad took the scraper and other big equipment and went up and worked by himself.  We stayed with Mom.

Then we all went up and worked on everything together.

Well, I think Fuzzy might have helped more than I did.

I wanted to, really I did.


There is just so much to learn about out there in the brush…

I mean…

  • like the rabbits are making their burrows deeper and warmer
  • The badger is still just a mean as ever, I make a wide circle around him and his territory
  • Freddy Fox has built a hollow back in the old tree
  • The porcupines are building a nest in the trees at the back end
  • Nope, so far no coyotes—they do pass through regularly, but no dens
  • The ducks are doing good
  • Six crows have taken up residence at the equipment yard
  • A gaggle of Canada Geese are swimming around with the ducks
  • I scared up FOUR pheasant hens (which was REALLY, REALLY, COOL!)

Mom said she sure misses the cows, she has never seen the weeds so big and nasty as they are this year.

I rather thought they looked pretty neat all colorful and all.

Fuzzy and I checked out the deer path in the corn.  We like the deer path, no weeds, nothing.  And if we get back in there far enough we find the deer wallow.   Dad really doesn’t like having the deer in there as they knock down the corn to make the wallow and they EAT the corn.

Oh, well.  They are in there! (Until Dad combines the corn, that is.)

Fuzzy and I chased mice.  There are LOTS of mice.  We had a blast!!

The day was just perfect.  Not to hot and not to cold.

It is colder here, by the way.

Low 40’s at night and only getting up into the 70’s in the daytime.

Fuzzy says he can feel winter coming in his bones.

Mom said she can feel winter in her bones also.

Dad says there is a still lot to do before winter.

You know something, I really don’t care.  I love all seasons.

I really do love living here!

Boomer (and Fuzzy)


The Cornfield and the Birds

The corn field had some new visitors today.

The Canada Geese have arrived.

Seems like there is enough room….cows, Sandhill Cranes and the Canada Geese. There were lots of them,

scattered here and there and everywhere.   The Sandhill Cranes were still there also.  It looked like to me everyone has decided to get along and share the cornfield.

For the geese it is probably safer that way…it’s still hunting season here.