Sunday, May 19, 2013


I have several hummingbirds this year…of course I’m having trouble getting photos of them, maybe I’ll make it.

So far we have regular visitors of the Black-chinned Hummers and the Ruby Throat  two pairs of each. I’ve also seen an Rufous, and an Anna’s pair, they are not here regularly, or at least when I’m outside I haven’t seen them regularly.

The types which are in Colorado are:
Broad-tailedRufousBlack-chinnedCalliopeBlue-throated,MagnificentAnna’sRuby-throatedBroad-billedWhite-eared, Green Violet-ear.

I sure hope I can see some of the others, maybe not at my feeders but around.

Then to get a photo…a good photo…MY Goal for the year!

Have a restful Sunday everyone!  We are off to watch grandchildren play soccer for the last time.  Summer break starts soon for the grand kids!