Family/Infinite Possibility—Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Every family needs one another….always…always.

A family together

Grows…sometimes in an imperceptible way

Other times so loud and joyful it’s like a sunbeam in the predawn gray

The sounds of children are full of excitement, laughter, sometimes tears

Full of hope


The infinite possibility of my family are held loosely in the secret chambers of my heart!

From my world to your heart,



Today is My Birthday January 14, 1949 (2014)

Today I am officially a Medicare recipient.   Said like that I feel O.L.D.

But I really don’t feel old.  I’m sometimes surprised when I see myself in the mirror: “OH!  Why that IS me.  Hummmm I don’t feel like that person,”  is the glancing thought I give myself as I finish washing my face and going about the day.

Sometimes I am struck by the beauty of my grandchildren’s little hands…Bladen’s long nimble fingers, Linkin’s busy, always busy, doing something hands, and Tallen’s sweet little baby hands that are quickly turning into a 6 year’s old.

I see those hands and reach out to touch them…. mine with years of work on the backs, fingers sort of bent and crooked from old-time injuries, and the hard and lumpy joints starting to show up where my thumb meets my wrist.  There are many years between us…those bright-eyed wonders waiting to experience the world and myself and Terry.  We have reached the age of wisdom and ability and true hard-knocks education — they are still at the age they know the world is big and they have much to learn and to give to it.

Terry and I have the privilege of knowing we get to pass on to them —the memories of us.  The other stuff is up their parents.  🙂

On Friday Terry and I will become Tally’s show and tell—for show in tell she has to bring something that starts with G… she decided on GRANDPARENTS!  Terry and I want to take something to give to all the little Kindergartners that starts with a G…we are still thinking on it. If you have ideas we are open!

Anyway…today at 4 minutes to midnight I will enter this world.  65 years later I’m still going strong!


This is an old photo!  I posted it on my 60th birthday…I love the colors! A celebration in the sky!

You farm friend,