Everything Surrounding Us Last Night was Exhilarating—Thursday, July 26, 2018

That beautiful, wonderful sky!

The heat wore on yesterday…humidity in the high 30% range. (High for the high mountain desert region)

The wind hot and streaming to us in waves; pushing large swatches of clouds into our area

But I’m not complaining…the sky was stunning as the sun sank in the west

Coloring the thousands of clouds in soft colors

Turning each cloud on the horizon and overhead into such a riot of unusual colors

I felt like I was swallowed in hues, and tints, and tones of soft-hued blush

The heat lightning played on the Paonia and Gunnison mountains…but here we bathed in color.

Then the sun finally set causing the colors to burst forth in vivid tones only the Gods know how to use.

It was amazing!

From my world to your heart,