Happy Birthday Little Min-Min Kit-Kat Brown—-Wednesday, January 29, 2020

Happy Birthday, Mindy-Lou Kitty

We are really not sure how old you are…maybe seven or eight, or close to that anyway

You lived a long, long time in the wild and had several litters of kittens.  It was when you were having your last litter, I met you. You had traveled from a long way to the other house.

I was working down at the other house when I saw you and you saw me.  So I started feeding you every day—yummy cat cereal and canned cat food.

Gradually over time, you followed me home.

Making friends with Dad first, then friends with Boomer

Then Me.  It took you a while to like me when there was DAD to like you!

Happy Birthday, Little kitty. You’ve lived with us four, almost five years now.

You are a huge part of lives!

From Mom, Dad, Boomer, and the two hens!

(From my world to your heart 🙂  )