Feather-Light Brushes of Daily Life—November 13, 2017

Sunlight and shadow fill the late autumn skies

The days are still soft, warm enough I can let the wood stove go out by three o’clock and the house stays warm until early morning the next day. That winter-cold which slowly seeps into the land is late coming this year.

The relief at not having to fill the grain bins, then unload the grain bins has been palpable.  There is always loss at putting the corn in the bin, taking the corn out and the amount of labor eats up any profit. (although WE are the labor)

 The days are now filled with fixing fences, or checking fences, or making sure the fences are still up….

Sadly this is hunting season…and always, always we have people who cross over the posted fences to go hunting on our land.  If they can’t climb the fence, they WILL cut the fence.

It’s rather disgusting the wanton destruction of property. Sigh!

But, oh well, that is just part of living on our farm. All a person can do is take it in stride–

Your friend on a western Colorado farm,