Wrapped in Early Morning Light —- Tuesday, April 9, 2019

On Sunday we joined 25 other vehiles to go on a cruise to Red Cliff Lodge at Moab, Utah

We all got there early ready to leave at exactly the top of the hour….which we did.

The miles streaked by

The scenery timeless

The road through the canyons and along the Colorado River made one feel as the ancient past was now present

Then we were there.  All 25 vehicles of us and the guests already staying at the Lodge.

It made a for a very full dinning room.

After we ate brunch, Terry and I headed into Moab for a little sightseeing

Then we headed home—-

We got home around three-thirty in the afternoon.  It was a very pleasant break in the week.  We had fun conversations with really nice people and saw lots of neat vehicles.

Your friend on a western Colorado farm,