As the Stars Wheel Through the Heavens —- Thursday, May 4, 2020

And the moon grows from fat, to thin, then to nothing, and back again to fat

The sun —- our sun–that amazing orb lights up the sky.

The sun’s light thrusts itself upon the earth

Wrapping it’s light/rays/heat all around us

A loving and caring gift providing life.

Always, always speaking to the heart of every living thing upon the earth

Sending showers of sun rays through all the clouds

Taking away feelings of despair and melancholy

Shimmering in the sky

While the seasons turn,

A gift only the sun can give,

After chasing away the moon

The stars

And those fading worrisome dreams

and horrid thoughtsafter long sleepless nights.

Thank Heaven and the God(s) above for the sun and a new day!

Your friend on a western Colorado farm,