Under the Strawberry Moon—-Monday, April 10, 2017

We started work on the cement ditches.  Picking up the stacked tubes and placing them in every furrow, cleaning the ditches of trash and mud, and building the dams.  Later on this morning we will start water.  It will be a jumble of rushed minutes to stay ahead of the rushing, gurgling, bubbling, water—-crazy minutes to get the syphon tubes started and to make sure the water doesn’t run over the sides to ruin the farm ground.

In first light there was a peaceful little star, shining forth so bright I had to take a photo

While at the very same time that gorgeous April Moon was swiftly descending in the deep azure sky.


The trees were just coming to life with the sound of birds…

The sky in the east burning was off, as the setting silvered moon light splashed peacefully on our on the farm, striping the ground with a drifting dust of white glitter.

From my world to your heart,




Finished!—Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Resetting-Pipe!Finally we are finished with all the gated pipe!  What a long job.  Although, to be fair we didn’t work at it steady, but here and there until the wind got to be too much or we got tired.


Then we would stop and go work on something else.  Blade helped us lots.  A thirteen year old boy really is a big help.

Moving-PipeThank heavens for 4-wheelers!  To have to carry… by hand… all those pipe would have been over-whelming, although, when we started out farming Terry and I DID lay the pipe by hand.

More-PipeAnyway, Thankfully we are finally done with the pipe.  NOW next step is to mark out the alfalfa, clean the cement ditch, lay out the siphon tubes and start water!  Once the water is started it won’t be turned off until harvest.


Twice a day every day (more times, if the water is short) we will change the water.  Terry says moving water is just like milking a cow…twice a day no matter what! 🙂

Your friend on a western Colorado Farm,