A Tinge of Wonder — June 4, 2014





Bladen brought me over a gift.  He knows how much I enjoy ‘times gone by’.  Because he hasn’t been feeling well (he has been fighting pneumonia for three weeks (he is on medicine) and got bored. (No physical exertion with this mad disease).



He spend several hours, cutting, gluing and creating a castle for Grammy.

How sweet this is!blueMy yard is doing well…although we  have extremely hot days (94*-34ºC) the night are cool (49*–9.4ºC).  By the time the heat builds up the hot winds develop.

There is also flooding in the low lands.

Spring-deer  The Gunnison and the Uncompaghre River are experiencing record melt (translated that means we had lots of really nice snow in ‘them thar hilsl’.  🙂

Both rivers converge at Delta..our town.  Once they converge (the Uncompaghre River (Un-come-pah-gray  accent on the pah) merging into the Gunnison River).

The Gunnison River flows on down to Grand Junction, Colorado, where it meets up with the Colorado River, the Grand Old Dame of Rivers of the West.

The flood warnings and floods are all along all the rivers clear to the Colorado-Utah border.  Sure does help with drought…water that is.


 I haven’t seen in rainbows for some time now, when I saw this ‘sort’a’ rainbow in the sprinkler I decided that I have to take my gifts where I find them. 🙂

It’s the little things the buoys us up really.

What's-for-Dinner Like this…a duck  swimming with a bunch of goldfish.  I thought he might be looking for lunch, but the fish were not afraid; they swam all around his feet and even touched him several times.


Speaking of birds…we have several Canada Geese who have decided to stay with us this summer.  They have nests in our upper end and hang out in the fields.

From Elaine Kenny

But the coolest thing I saw was an emailed photo from a long time blog reader Elaine Kenny…Conversations on back porch!
Evening-2It really is all there…wonder, excitement, joy…in the little things…big happenings are also nice, but in reality it’s the collection of little things that really makes every day have a tinge of wonder.
Your Friend,


Wednesday, May 15, 2013

I’m still working in my yard.  I have the sundial garden about weeded and planted, still have the rose bed to get too and one other huge area and I’m planted!  That will be a huge relief…getting everything in the ground!


I have a nice supply of toads this year, I’ve found them in just about every place I been.  They are my helpers!


Exhausted but pleased with the results,